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Social Studies 6

Economics- Grade 12


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6th Grade Social Studies:  Course_Info.doc


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Grade 12-Econ
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Test Wednesday 10/17 on Chapter 8: Business Organizations

Critique #3 for Research Paper due Wednesday 10/17

Due Thursday 10/18- Read Chapter 9: Section 1 about "How Wages are Determined" on pages 257-264.

Due Monday 10/22- Read Chapter 9: Section 2 about "Trends in the Labor Market" on pages 266-271.

Grade 6 Social
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Due Monday 10/22- Read Chapter 4: Lesson 1 about "The Sumerians" on pages 76-83 and answer questions #1-6 at the end of the lesson on page 83.

Halloween Historical Projects Due Wednesday 10/31- persuasive speech presented in costume about chosen Historical Figure.

Thursday, October 18, 2018